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Welcome to the NAET Training Institute.

The NAET Training Institute was set up by Helen Bowman in January 2017, after the closure of NAET Europe, in order to support NAET practitioners and patients.

This Institute is approved by Dr Devi Nambudripad, for practical training in accordance with the listing and certification. Advanced courses, which are not associated with the site, are offered as well which are available to trained NAET practitioners and others.

Helen has been involved in NAET since 2002. She had a teaching career all her life, teaching in university, the pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals and GP surgeries.

Helen has assistant instructors working with her. These are Rachel Ward and Annette Hornby. Together they will be teaching support topics for NAET practitioners and patients.

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Approved instructors for the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Swiss/German @ the Netherlands are;

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Helen Bowman
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