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Training Courses for Patients & Carers of Patients

NAET Training Institute seminars are developed to assist NAET Practitioners and Patients understand better the technique and specialist areas of diseases.  These seminars will help you to have success with your treatments. They are given in English.

The location, unless stated by the event, will be;

NAET Training Institute, ℅Holistic Healthcare, JuliArnos, Pocklington Lane, Huggate,
East Yorkshire, YO42 1YJ, United Kingdom.

NAET Awareness Classes

How NAET technique is carried out, the method in the clinic, what you should do before, during and after treatments. What to do if you think you are having an allergic reaction. This is a venue for you to ask your questions about NAET.

Here are a few frequently asked questions as an example that will be expanded upon in the class;

  • Must I avoid the item treated?
    Yes you must avoid the treated item of at least 25 hours after treatment, your practitioner will tell you if you need longer.
  • Do I have to send in a photograph before I start NAET?
    No this is not part of NAET.
  • Is there an age restriction for NAET treatments?
    No all ages can be treated.

Specialist Area Training Courses

Two hour courses and discussion on disease area where an ailment is described with the view of treatments for them. Topics can be requested by emailing


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