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Course Attendee RL
In summary, the course was very good, the objectives of the course were achieved and the content was what I expected. I found it very useful to be able to ask questions about difficult cases and it was great to be recommended previous training about trauma release. The standard of instruction was good.

Course Attendee CB
The objectives were achieved and the content was what I was expecting and therefore, the course was very good. The most useful parts were the information on asthma and eczema. There were no sessions that I would have omitted as all were useful. The standard of instruction was very good and Helen was particularly informative. The administrative and venue arrangements were of a high quality. Many thanks for the great meeting, it was a pleasure to attend and I learned a lot again.

Course Attendee CM
The course was excellent as I felt that the content covered was what I expected and all stated objectives were achieved. All sessions were useful as there is always more to learn and it is good to revisit and refresh old topics and knowledge. The sessions were delivered excellently and the venue and administrative arrangements were good.

Course Attendee SA
All objectives were covered and anticipated content was included, the course was very good overall. The most useful parts were the practical sessions and I will apply my knowledge to treat emotional blockages. The venue was very welcoming and the lunch was excellent! Even more practical demonstrations and sessions could be included.

Course Attendee MZ
The course was very good but there are some minor points which could be improved. The objectives and content were partly achieved and covered but I was disappointed that hay fever wasn't covered. I would appreciate more time for Q&A sessions to cover difficult issues like LB's and EB's and setting up clinic management. Having said that, the Q&A session was very useful. I would perhaps omit the IT session or at least shorten it as time is precious and I would l like to spend it learning about NAET.

As additions to the schedule, 1 or 2 cases from Helen's practice, broken down in to step by step treatments would be very useful. The venue was really lovely. Future meetings might include examples of case studies when things went wrong for a practitioner as it happens to everyone and it is good to learn from other people's experiences.

Course Attendee NK
The course was very good, all objectives were achieved and the content was what I expected. Revision technique updates were the most useful parts which I will use to change my technique. The standard of instruction was very good, as was the venue and administration arrangements.

Course Attendee RP
The course was good, all the objectives were covered and most content as well, but there are some minor points which could be improved. The most useful parts were meeting with other practitioners and discussing experiences as well as talking about cases and I will use this information during my treatment of patients. All sessions were useful but I would have included updates in protocol. The instruction and lectures were all ok but the venue was very far from the station. Thyroid protocol and adrenal protocol could be included next time as new topics.

Course Attendee CH
The objectives and content were all covered and so the course was very good and I have discovered new possibilities of treatment. The most useful parts were going through the papers and listening to Helen discuss treatment. I will be able to add new aspects to my treatments such as combinations and determining the cause of the problem. It would be nice to include a short talk from all of the people about treating a difficult case but getting a successful result. The instruction was very good, as were the venue arrangements. Please have same food next time.

Course Attendee LP
The course was good, some minor points could be improved upon although all objectives and content were covered. Case discussion, clarification and updates were the most useful parts and I will take this information with me to try during treatment. The standard of instruction was really good. The updates can be confusing so perhaps a handout or slides would be great to check back on i.e. Dr. Devi using the individuals in one hand and mixed in the other hand. The venue was good and the admin was well prepared. Suggestions for future meetings include immune systems, guts – topics and protocols. Thanks for the meeting, I really enjoyed it, it's spurred me on to do more and in which case I will get myself on the practitioners website.

Course Attendee EB
The course was very good as all content and objectives were covered. I found talking about our client experiences in relation to teaching techniques most useful in helping to fix them and I will apply this new knowledge, in particular that learnt about basics. The standard of instruction was excellent, clear and carefully explained and rechecked for understanding. The venue was lovely and there was great food!

Course Attendee EC
The course was very good and the objectives stated and content were achieved. Covering new basics was the most useful part and the instruction as of a high standard as always - the venue and admin was also excellent. A special mention to Helen and Emmanouil for putting on another great practitioner meeting, your time and effort is much appreciated and we had such wonderful hospitality, great food. Many thanks.

LS, TCM course participant
Overall, the course was very good. It covered the objectives explained at the start and the content of the course was what I expected. The most useful part was the overall review of TCM, which I will study further before integrating in to my practice. The standard of instruction was really excellent, very engaging and welcoming. The clinic in Huggate was well suited to our needs, all of which were met.

RM, TCM course participant
The course was really excellent with objectives and content explained and covered thoroughly. The standard of instruction was very good; Emmanouil Stroubakis was very knowledgeable and friendly. Explanations of illnesses and imbalances in relation to specific meridians were the most useful parts of the course. The venue was excellent, well suited to the course and instruction.

RL, TCM course participant
I found the course to be of a really good standard. Everything I expected was covered and we completed all the objectives stated at the start. The explanation of the five elements was the most useful, delivered with good instruction. Some more practical work would be welcome although I realise time is limited. The clinic was a good venue to use for the course.

NM, TCM course participant
The course was of a good standard with some small areas for improvement. The content was what I expected, delivered well but I found it difficult to hear some of the instruction. All objectives were covered and I found the demonstrations and slides very useful. I will apply what I have learnt to my nutritional studies. The clinic was a great venue and all my needs were accommodated.

MS, TCM course participant
The TCM course was really very good and the standard of instruction was truly excellent – all lectures were delivered successfully, covering all objectives and anticipated course content. The most useful part was the explanation and understanding of meridians in more detail as well as practical information on how to find various points. I can use this information to identify imbalances in meridians when taking case histories. I plan on buying a meridian testing kit right away! Case study scenarios are really useful, if more could be included on the course that would be really useful. The venue was excellent and everyone was made to feel very welcome.

SC, TCM course participant
The course was of a very good standard, especially the instruction which manage to deliver complex material and make it easy to follow. In particular, the illustrations of TCM concepts were most useful as I can apply this to my work with NAET. All content and objectives were covered but I would like the relationships between organ testing and meridians to be covered. I wish this was taught in the USA!!


A while ago you were asking for opinions on NAET. At that time I was unsure of its value but no longer.

I have struggled with food intolerances for years and have tried food rotation, probiotics, VEGA testing, different meats from Barrow Boar, colonic irrigation, digestive enzymes, NHS allergists, and everything I could find that might help. On John Scott's suggestion I found I could dowse the food and now my pendulum is my trusty friend.

I read about NAET in Foods Matter and found my nearest practitioner on the internet, Helen Bowman in Huggate in East Yorkshire. She is the chief practitioner in England. NAET works! I have no doubt at all. It has not been an overnight cure for me. It has required persistence but at last I am not isolated by food restrictions and I feel well. For me Helen has been a miracle worker.

It is through Foods Matter that I came upon NAET then Helen so my heartful thanks.

For me NAET has been very cost effective!

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